What Parents Should Know About Teen Driving Safety

Car crashes are the greatest health and safety threat for teens. What parents should know about driving is that most teen crashes are preventable. If your teen is thinking about driving, get to know the life-saving benefits of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) and other road safety laws.

Road safety laws are passed when there is compelling evidence that they will make roads safer and prevent crashes and injuries. Thus, these laws serve as a guide to all drivers as to what is considered minimum safe driving practice.

GDL provisions are the most proven effective strategy to reduce teen driver-related crashes. They provide a stepped-approach to gradually increasing a new driver’s privileges as they gain experience and maturity while driving in less risky conditions.

The most important things parents need to know about driving is their vital role in keeping their teens safe on the road. In fact, our research at CHOP has found that parents can cut teens’ crash risk in half by staying involved, setting rules, and being supportive. This starts with parents and teens understanding and practicing GDL and following other road safety laws.