Driving with a Provisional License

Driving with a provisional license means that a teen has passed an on-road driving exam and has a provisional license. This temporary license, also known as an intermediate or probationary license, typically lasts 6 to 12 months and restricts certain activities known to be risky for new drivers. 

Families should consider this period of time when their teen is driving with a provisional license as a “learner permit plus” rather than a “full license minus.” By passing the behind-the-wheel test, their teen may have demonstrated that he or she is ready to drive alone and continue to practice independently. By following the guidelines established during the Intermediate Period of GDL, parents can establish a supportive framework for their teen to continue learning without the additional pressures and dangers associated with full licensure.

In this section, you will find practical tips for driving with a provisional license. It’s important to make sure that your new driver is ready to continue practicing during the probationary license period to be prepared for the responsibility of a full license.