Press Releases

Read press releases about the research behind Teen Driver Source featuring CIRP@CHOP experts.

When There's Money to Lose, Phone Usage While Driving Drops

New research conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia discovered that performance feedback plus cash incentives designed with insights from behavioral science reduces phone use while driving. 

States Differ Widely in Requirements for Young Driver Training

Young driver training can help lower crash rates, but many states do not require sufficient preparation before getting licensed.

CHOP and NJ HTS Launch New Website Dedicated to Promoting Traffic Safety

New website -- -- features an interactive data dashboard including data on young drivers to help improve traffic safety in NJ. 

CHOP Study Finds Healthcare Providers Play Crucial Role in Guiding Autistic Adolescents and Their Families into Adulthood

They are a vital resource as families prepare for the transition to adulthood, which may include learning to drive.

Youths with Mood Disorders 30 Percent Less Likely to Acquire Driver’s License Than Peers

CHOP findings suggest that youths with mood disorders could benefit from guidance on obtaining licensure and accessing training to avoid crashes when newly licensed.

Virtual Driving Assessment Predicts Risk of Crashing for Newly Licensed Teen Drivers

Study brings us one step closer to identifying which skill deficits put some young new drivers at higher risk for crashes.