Press Releases

Read press releases about the research behind Teen Driver Source featuring CIRP@CHOP experts.

Virtual Driving Assessment Predicts Risk of Crashing for Newly Licensed Teen Drivers

Study brings us one step closer to identifying which skill deficits put some young new drivers at higher risk for crashes.

CHOP and NJM Insurance Group Celebrate Completion of More Than 4,000 Virtual Driving Assessments and Expanded Availability of Assessments Across CHOP’s Primary Care Network

Increased presence in pediatric setting is preparing next generation of drivers and informing new areas of research.

CHOP Researchers Find Barriers to Driver Training and Licensure, Especially Among Low-Income Teens

Teens in lower-income areas are less likely to complete driver training and obtain their driver’s license before age 18.

CHOP and HTS to Create Innovative Center to Promote Traffic Safety Across the State

CIRP and HTS announce the creation of a new center that will provide an unprecedented level of injury-related data.

CHOP Researcher Flaura Winston Awarded 2022 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation David E. Rogers Award

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's CIRP Founder and Co-Scientific Director Dr. Flaura Winston has received the 2022 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation David E. Rogers Award. 

Study Suggests Policy, Education, and Training Make Youngest Novice Drivers Better Prepared for License Exam, Less Likely to Crash

New research shows age-related differences in licensing and crash outcomes that track with age-related licensing policies in Ohio.