Parent-Supervised Driving Lesson Plans

For teens to become safe, competent drivers, they need to develop critical driving skills and practice them in a range of driving environments and conditions. We can help with these driving lesson plans based on years of research conducted at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

To get started, download the Goal Guide and Logging and Rating Tool to track skill development and practice hours.

Watch this video for tips on how to create the right learning environment with your teen:

Next, watch this video with your teen about driving basics:

Teach Skills That Matter For Safety

High-quality driving practice is crucial because a major reason why teens crash is inexperience behind the wheel. The on-road license test is not going to cover the wide range of environments and challenges a teen will face during the intermediate period of licensure.

It's up to parents and teens to find opportunities for plenty of quality practice driving during the learner's permit period. This TeenDrivingPlan Practice Guide helps parents take action to ensure teens get the quality practice they need to become safe drivers.

Organized by driving environment, the guide includes specific driving goals for each environment, as well as 54 short video tutorials. 

Ready to get started? Begin with lessons on the basics of driving a car.